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Use Youmaps APIs for visualizing maps and accessing rich mapping features such as building beautiful maps, sharing creative contents and much more. You can use them for a wide variety of use cases such as real-time data analysis and prediction through location.

Youmaps APIs are very simple and accessible from any application (backend and frontend) or platform (mobile, tablet, web sites).

code WEB

Internal or external sites

Build a beautiful map and creative contents for your site using Youmaps Studio.

The website can be an external site for your customers or an internal site such as an employee portal.

JavaScript library

The JavaScript library allows you to explore and display creative map contents designed with Youmaps Studio.

Once your data sets are ready, you can access their content through the JavaScript library.

Very simple to use

Once you’ve built your content on Youmaps Studio, adding your creation to your website is as simple as this:

var youmapsApi = new YoumapsAPI(
    techID : <YOUR_TECH_ID>,
    initMapboards : true,
    mapDivId : <YOUR_GOOGLE_MAP_DIV_ID>,
    mapOptions : mapOptions


Mobile channels & A2A

Through our HTTP web services, let your customers or employees access your contents from any mobile platform (smartphones & tablets).

Application-to-application interactions are also possible, allowing you to manage your geographic data within your own Information System.

A powerful toolbox

Retrieve your geographic data sets (vectors or rasters)

Customize your data layers (styles, properties, geometries)

Use our extensive set of tools (distance, isochrone, nearest, contains)

Analyse your data using filters (circle, polygon, attribute), thematic analysis & bubble charts

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